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Name: Ali Hassan
Location: Dubai (UAE)




Animal Pak

I had heard a lot about it but never tried because I thought it was too expensive and not worth the money, I wonder what made me think that it was expensive because its not that bad if you compare it to all the other supplements out there and plus it is a very good supplement to boot!!

It has 11 tablets in each pack that you have to take once a day an hour after your meal, you can bump up the dosage to two but I would not recommend it unless you are into power lighting and some serious bodybuilding, for an average guy like myself I would say one pack is more than enough and yeah make sure you drink it with PLENTY of water.

The supplement overall is very good and effective plus it gives you a boost of energy in the gym when you workout, and if you stack this up with whey protein then you will see some good gains if you put in the effort.

So for all you animals out there Animal Pack is a must!



Vitamin C is good

I remember back in the day my mum use to give me vitamins and tell me that its good for you and I was like yeah yeah whatever!!

Now I cannot agree more off late I regularly monitor my vitamin intake and make sure I take it everyday , I mostly consume Vitamin C something like upto 2Mg per day in the form of juices or you know those chewable tablets you get which taste quite good!

So everyone go and buy yourself some vitamins coz they are really good for you and keep you healthy...



Weight Loss Explained....

I cant even remember how many people I have met who in some way or the other wanted to shred some weight either for that special holiday or just coz they wanted to be healthy all over again, some were successful but most of them would give up half way saying "Its just not working"... has this happen to you and does this sound familiar??

Well weight loss is quite simple if you are disciplined and stick to a training regime and watch what you eat now there are many mis-conceptions when it comes to loosing weight or should I say fat...

> If I skip my meals and don't eat I will lose weight!!

This is completely wrong and trust me even if your gym instructor says this all you have to do is slap him right across his face! You cant lose weight by starving yourself first of all its not healthy and second you are depriving your body of the energy it requires to burn those calories you see the point now.. its not what you eat its more how much you eat what really matters. Now having said that its always good to eat food low in fat and especially saturated fat which is a killer! Dont completely do away with eating carbs but yeah see to it that you don't over do them too coz even though not all carbs are bad most of them are so watch what you eat and don't forget to hit the gym coz your body needs to be told to start the process and to speed up your metabolism!

> I will lose weight only if I perform cardio!!

This is again a common mistake we make by making ourselves believe that the only way to lose fat is by running on that treadmill or cycling until you fall down which I must say it not entirely true. Yes we have to do fair amount of cardio but weight training is just or sometimes even more important then cardio coz it helps to keep your metabolism up for a longer period of time even after you have left the gym. So by combining cardio with proper weight training is the most efficient way to loose that FAT!!

PS: Try and do interval cardio.. it is more effective.

 > Is spot reduction possible??

Absolutely not!! you cannot identify a spot or an area on your body and say "I wana lose fat over here".. it just does not work, when you start to loose fat the over-all body starts loosing fat that is why it is recommended to combine cardio with weight training so that you dont loose all the muscle by performing cardio exercises.

So remember no matter whoever tells you this spot reduction is just not possible the body on the whole looses fat!

 >I have done 1000 ab crunches today.. I am gona lose weight!!

This is the most idiotic thing I would have ever heard.. doing Ab exercises does not and will not help you loose that weight.. it only makes your abs harder and gets them into shape but the fact that you still have a layer of fat on your stomach does not help much! So ab crunches will NOT help you lose weight they are much more effective after you have lost that fat around your waist and then you want them to be visible!!

> I am on a fat burning supplement so I can eat whatever I want and I will still lose weight!!

If this was true then I would have been writing this sitting at burger king having a double chicken whopper with French fries!! but sadly that is not the case these fat burning supplements do work but only if you tell them to work which means that you HAVE to hit the gym and workout and most importantly you will have to watch what you eat and start looking at nutrition labels on the products you buy which my friend is the real deal. Fat burners give you that extra edge in the weight loss process but you have to combine that with training and healthy eating.


So these are some of the common myths people have about fat loss and to be honest at some point in time even I use to think the same so its OK.. the good thing is that now you know what needs to be done to get that fat off your waist!



Lipo 6 

If its fat that you wana get rid off just in time for that beach holiday you are planning then this product will do just that for you!! but some facts to begin with... this is not a magic pill that you take and sit at home and expect to loose weight or take it and then eat whatever you want.

What this pill does is that it speeds up your metabolic rate so that you can loose weight more effectively when you hit the gym but I cannot stress it enough you HAVE to do cardio combined with weight training to get into proper shape or else its simply a waste of time and money buying Lipo 6.

It only works if you make the effort...



Wicked Pre-training drink!

Again this one too is from BSN and itz the world's only and the best pre-training drink and its called NO-EXPLODE, you take it 45 minutes before your workout and trust me on this.... minutes after you have taken it u just wana go and hit the gym and once you are in der nothing seems impossible, its just the energy you get that all of a sudden you realise that you are lifting more that what you could ever imagine!!

Ohhh yeah take in on a empty stomach and please please DO NOT take it 5 hours prior to your bed time or else you wont get any sleep, I am saying this out of experience and its not funny when it happens, so if you wana feel like HULK take this one and enjoy the PUMP!!



Best creatine ever!!

Alright guys.. I have tried quite a few creatine products over the past one year but nothing comes even close to Cell-Mass from BSN.. its a wicked product with all the right ingredients in it.They say that it should be taken almost immediately after your workouts and you feel the pump last like forever and guess what they are actually so RIGHT!!

BSN is a company which prides itself in quality products and Cell-Mass is no exception so if you guys wana try a creatine product and are confused as to which one to buy look no further than CELL-MASS from BSN!!



Worst Supplement EVER!!

I totally regret taking this supplement coz all this has done for me is give me body fat!! (Bloody Prolab), I made sure that my calorie intake was around 2200 - 2300 per day and worked out like 5 times a week and what do I get at the end of the day?? FAT!!!

i put on like 2 Kgs of pure fat not muscle in about 8 days but the good thing is that I am off it now and thank god for that! I would not recommend this to anyone in any situation what so ever coz there are much much better products out there than this stupid one!



Whey Protein

Alright now I am no longer confused and have made up my mind, I have switched to whey protein for my post workout shake coz the current one I was consuming just made me fat. I was sane enough to realize that sooner rather than later!

The whey protein I am using is called "Optimum 100% Whey Protein" and they say that it is the purest form of protein available, so I guess this fits my needs as it does not make you fat also it has won the Supplement Of The Year and Protein Powder Of The Year award for 2005, 2006 and 2007! so their has to be something about this which works.

Lets see it this is the right protein shake for me and I will keep you posted!!



My new diet plan

OK then I have been told by enough people on this planet that I need to put on some weight, and I think its about time too! I lost plenty staying on this low carb diet and now that I am happy loosing all that unwanted fat, I think its time I put some back on in the right way.

So I have planned out a new diet plan for myself with involves consuming about 2100 - 2200 calories per day!!

Breakfast  --> Weetabix (2 biscuits) with Skimmed milk   (120 calories approx)

                          2 Apples ( 30 - 40 calories)

10:00am  --> N Large 2  protein shake (600 calories)

Lunch     ---> Chicken (250 -300 calories)

Snack     --->  2 Alpen Bars (200 Calories)

Workout at the gym.....

After workout  --->  Creatine (140 calories)

8:00 pm  ---> N Large 2  protein shake (600 calories)

Dinner    ---> Grilled chicken (250 -300 calories)



My Diet

I know its sounds wrecked but this has been my diet for like almost 3 months now, why?? coz I wanted to loose the extra weight I had been carrying around for quite sometime now, I wasn't  a fat boy but yeah I wasnt in the best shape either so you can say somewhere in the middle and in about 2 and half months I managed to loose close to 6 Kgs which is flippin awesome!!

So anyways here goes.....

6:45 am --> Protein Shake (Nitro-Tech with Skimmed Milk)

7:30 am --> Two Apples

9:00 am --> Weetabix (3 Biscuits with Skimmed Milk)

12:00 pm --> Lunch (Usually chicken)

2:00 pm  --> Chicken or Turkey Sandwich (no Cheese, no Mayo, no tomato and no ketchup)

6:30 pm --> Workout for about 1 Hour (5 days a week)

7:30 pm ---> Protein Shake

8:30 pm --> Dinner (Grilled Chicken mostly)


So this is what I have been eating for close to 3 months now, I haven't had rice or any rotis within this period and growing up on a Indian diet I am sure you guys know how tough that is to stay off!! I know its sounds so screwed up!! but its just that for once I wanted to see if my body would respond to what I am asking it to do.

My idea was NOT to get all buffed up and all and thank god I haven't, the plan was to get LEAN and I think i am another month away to get the body I want!!  and anyways I am just 26 so I have my entire life to get FAT!!