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Name: Ali Hassan
Location: Dubai (UAE)




Just errrrr......


IMAGE_278.jpg If  I look a little spaced out in this pic, that is how i am feeling right now! I had like the most horrible night yesterday and met some of the most wannabe crowd in dubai,  I mean after every word there had to a f^%& , Ba^&%$^ or else the sentence wont be complete.

I am not gona takes names coz I think that would be a little rude but I am never gona meet them again and hope I dont bump into them like EVER!!!  the entire experience was like errrrrrrr and i was so glad when i reached home, well to look on the bright side today is a new day and its definitely gona be a lot better than last night, might go for the new Angelina Jolie movie which looks really interesting!




The new Polo


This may sound a little stupid but this site is not what you think so its OK!

I just got the new Polo which has come out its called "Polo Fruits" and honestly its a welcome change to the old mint tasting one which they had for like decades.

Anyways if you guys see this on the shelf in a store near you go ahead and try it out itz kinda good.


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