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Name: Ali Hassan
Location: Dubai (UAE)




Losing track of time...

Alright into my second week since I left my work and the rules I had made to sleep on time and keep a check on my sleeping clock has literally gone into the dustbin! I have been sleeping late and getting up late as well.. Also I have noticed that I have lost track of days and the date!

The good news is that the packing of luggage is on schedule and I think that should not be an issue as I am set the leave Dubai on the 21st of this month, I have some interesting developments on my professional front but I don't want to talk about them just as yet because I am afraid I am going to jinx the whole thing so fingers crossed for that!

Another favourite pass-time which has developed over the past few days is to watch old bollywood B-Grade horror movies at night from Ramsay Brothers! for people who don't know who these brothers are they are film makers who started making really crappy Indian horror movies during the 80's, i mean the movies are so dam horrible that even a blind person can make a better motion picture than these guys! I absolutely have no idea why I am seeing these movies and torturing myself!

Movies watched so far...

Thaykana (1986)

Purani Haveli (1989)

Bandh Darwana (1990)

Ghutan (2007)


First week of un-employment...

Let's see.. Its been a week since I have left my previous job and the positive thing is that I still haven't gone into "panic" mode! I am pretty relaxed and using this time to learn new things and update my skills... So I have about 15 days in Dubai after which I have to exit the country because of the visa laws in this part of the world but I am going to come back sometime by the end of august to look for new job in this city.. I do get calls from consultants but then its a period of silence from them after the initial call which is one thing I hate about job consultants... I mean all it takes is an email to the person who you have interviewed and say "Sorry mate, you weren't selected" (How tough is that!!) but they choose to just ignore!

Anyways I would be heading over to India in the interim and meet up with family and friends so that should be all kinds of fun! I am trying keep a tab on my sleeping clock and not snooze like a log for hours which is so tempting and try not to eat everything I see at home!

More updates to follow but for now all is well and kicking!


Last day @ KBR

Today is my last day at my present job which I have been in for the last 7 years ever since I came over to Dubai sometime in late 2007, working with people in this organisation has taken up quite a large portion of my time which is obvious and I will miss the time I use to spend and the interactions I had with the folks.

I really like what I do and I am fairly good at it.. maybe this time off can be a well deserved break after all those years of working as opposed to taking annual vacations when the time arrives. At this point in time I dont really have any plans with regards to my professional carrer but hoping something will work out soon!

I think they have planned a "surprise" for me towards the end of the day which isnt really a surprise as it is done for everyone who leaves, it would be a surprise if they didnt do it for me! :-) ... Anyway I dont really have any famous last words just that I am going to miss getting up early morning and driving to work for some days in the future and maybe I can use this time to do something constructive!



Obsessed with Card Magic!!

Off late I have been spending WAY too much time learning card magic and its almost reached a point of pure obsession! Back when I was in college I once saw an episode of David Blane on "AXN" and how he goes out and performs magic to random people on  the street and I wondered how he did those cards tricks that he did and was completely fascinated with that but back then I didn't invest time or pay too much attention to learn the art behind the tricks because I was too busy growing up I guess!

Now when I finally have patience to actually learn what happens behind the scenes of all those tricks it makes me wonder how simple they are once you learn the logic behind them, thankfully its not really an expensive hobby because all you need a deck of cards and you are set and its magic so you get to show off your skills to people and they think you are a wizard which in real you are hardly that!

My favoutite deck so far has to be the "Aurum" deck, but I also own a bunch of Bicycle card decks which are reasonabily good... So I guess until this obession wears its all magic for me!


Possibility of time travel...

Every since I saw "Back to the Future" .. I always wanted my very own Flux Capacitor so that I can travel back in time or forward!!  but too bad that is only possible if I star in a movie...


To think of it even the great Albert Einstein never dismissed the possibility of time travel in his equations, he said that time and space are inter-linked into something called "Space Time" and if you can bend that then you can travel in time that's of-course easier said than done and no one who has ever lived on this planet has managed to figure that out!

But thinking about it the only way to bend space-time is by using extreme gravitational force and by extreme I mean EXTREME and where do we find this in the universe? Near a black hole YES! so lets go near a black hole right?! aaa No! If we ever dared come close to a black hole in the universe the only way you will go is inside that and probably be dead in minutes!

Another theory is to travel at nearly the speed of light in a space ship and then come back, becasue if you travel that fast then time for you goes slow as compared to the people who are still on Earth, which has been experimentally proven too...

What people did was they placed a clock on a space aircraft and then measured it when the journey was completed and when it landed back on Earth and they found that there is a very small difference in time between the two clocks.. the clock on the spacecraft moved a slower as compared to the one on earth and the space craft was no where even close to travelling at the speed of light.

Interesting! ummmm

The sad part is that nothing can travel faster than light as yet and even if we figure out how to fly a space craft faster than light where would be get the energy from to make that happen? and by energy I mean fuel.

Its also possible if we discover a Worm Hole in the universe.. but more on that later!

So time travel at this point can only happen in fiction! 



Our Sun is dying

The Sun is un-doubtably the biggest object within our Solar System and the most powerful... If it wasn't for the sun there would be no life on Earth and there would be no us, for any life to evolve and develop you need an energy source and our sun is a power house of energy but the fact is its going to die in the next 5 billion years and if we as a human race want to survive forever then we will have to find another habitable planet which can harbour life and which has the right ingredients for life to evolve namely energy and liquid water.

Our sun is called a "yellow dwarf", yellow coz its yellow in color and dwarf because its relatively very small as compared to other stars in our galaxy, the sun gets all its energy by diffusing Hydrogen atoms to make Helium and thus emitting photons which take roughly about 8 minutes to reach our planet and give us light but one day all that is going to end and our sun is going to enter a phase called a "Red Giant" phase where its size would expand to such enormous lengths that it would almost touch our planet.. of- course by then life on Earth would seize to exist and all that would remain would be hot molten rocks!

Every star has a life span of about 10 billion years and since the formation of our solar system happened about 4.6 billion years back that leaves our sun with a little over 5 billion years to live and then eventually fade out as a small dot wandering the ever expanding universe, I am glad most of us wont be around to witness that which isn't a bad thing after all!


Is there intelligent life in the universe?

Its really the fundamental question isn't it? "Is there intelligent life in the universe besides us".If you ask me of- course there is, only because we haven't found it that doesn't mean that it does not exist.

There are over a 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe just like our Milky Way galaxy, some are small while some are almost 10 times as big as ours and each one of these galaxies have about a billion stars in them just like our sun... and to think that we are all alone in the universe would be the most ridiculous thought anyone can have.

For starters we don't even know at this present day what the universe is made of.. all the "stuff" that you see in the universe currently (U, me, matter, stars, planets, comets etc etc) makes up only 4%!! yes 4 % of the entire observable universe while 73% comprises of something called "Dark Energy" and "Dark Matter" makes up the rest 23% and no one knows what those 2 are!

So from what we know of the universe at this present day the fact is we don't know a lot!..forget about life in other galaxies.. there might be life right here in our own Milky Way galaxy and its just that we aren't clever enough to discover it! Hell we haven't even looked completely within our own galaxy which is about 100,000 thousand light years across and to get our head around that number is a challenge in itself leave alone thinking about the actual size of the ever expanding universe...

I hope at-least in my life-time if we manage to find even microscopic life on a near by planet that would be a major breakthrough in Science which would confirm that life can exist else where as well besides planet Earth!


Apple --> Give me the new iMac now!

Its been over a year since the folks in Cupertino updated their iMac models running the Sandy Bridge processors and for the love of god I hope they do it soon! I was hoping they would finally announce it at last month's WWDC but as we all know the only models they updated were the Macbook Pro and Air but no iMacs!

I know its going happen eventually but like everyone else I want it to happen now so that I can get myself one, I already have a late 2009 Macbook Pro which is aright and I don't want to upgrade to the new super fast and according to Apple "The best computer they have built yet" model because for me its  too dam expensive and I rather buy an iMAC with a bigger screen resolution.

I really don't care if they make it retina display or not... all I want are the new Ivy-Bridge processors and USB 3.0 ports and hopefully a different design not that there is something horribly wrong with the current iMac models but it would be nice if they gave it a design tweak, I mean that's the least they can do for making us wait for so long :-) and yeah I hope they are able to reduce the glare factor on the display as they claimed to have done that with the updated 2012 Macbook Pro models.

All I hear nowadays are rumours about how the new "iphone 5" will probably look like and I honestly don't care because I know for a fact that I wont get one so I cant be bothered what it looks like or how awesome its going be! So if Apple is listening --> Update your iMac models now!