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Sony's Alpha A77 SLT camera just around the corner...

Just heard today that the long awaited Sony AlphaA77 SLT camera might come out in Sep/Oct which is awesome news coz this will finally replace their current line of STL camera's 

It might have a whole new 24 MegaPaixel Sensor which remains to be seen but I am more interested in the video quality and what options will it have to offer. I currently own a Cannon T2i and 50mm 1.4 lens from Cannon and I am pretty happy except the part where the auto focus sucks or should I say is Non-Existent in video mode!

With the A77 from what I have heard will have a pretty reliable AF in video mode which gets me super excited and I hope it shoots at 24fps! but the most important aspect will be the price point and how much will Sony set it at!

I guess we will have to wait and watch!



Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 - Certified!

Today I successfully cleared the first certification exam for Exchange 2010 (70-662) and it feels great! but honestly I am not a great believer in these certification exams because I kinda find it stupid to learn from various dumps available on the internet and pass them.

I did the same thing too I downloaded the "Testking" package for this exam which had about 80 questions in them and went for this exam but i was surprised that not many questions actually came from these dumps.If I remember correctly I may have got around 7 or 8 questions which were similar in a total of 45 questions on the exam so what got me through was the learning I did on the Microsoft technet website and other training videos which actually made me feel really good that it wasn't because of the dumps I passed but because of the knowledge.

I recommend if you plan to take this certification exam DO NOT depend on testking as i found it to be worthless, well not completely worthless but it wasnt great help as the company claims. So yeah i still have one more exam to clear which is the 70-663 and then I would be completely certified on Exchange 2010!.

Test Score: 742



Geeky Action Star!

This weekend was action packed! ohh well not really besides eating countless packets of potato chips and gulping down cola drinks, I decided to finally post a video about something I learnt from Andrew Kramer and if the name does not ring a bell check out and you will have no doubts!

Anyhow I decided to put my knowledge to the test and came up with something fairly good, probably next time I can make it entertaining so its a fun watch!

That's all for now as I leave you with 'Geeky Action Star'

Geeky Action Star from Ali Hassan on Vimeo.



Apple's Magic Mouse on Windows

Last week one of my friend gifted me the new 'Magic Mouse' by Apple which I have been wanting to buy like forever and now I have it!! It works like a charm on my Mac with the swipes and all that jazz but for the 4 finger swipes and the expose features you would have to download a separate software called Better Touch Tool (Only on the MAC)  its a free download and very simple to configure, I might do a video on that on how to configure it but there are loads of videos already on YOUTUBE.

So this morning I wanted to see if the magic mouse would work on my PC (Windows Xp -32 bit) because most of the time I use the trackpad on my Macbook Pro unless I am using Final cut pro and Adobe After Effects. The mouse does work with Windows Xp all you have to do is download some drivers and then pair the mouse using blue tooth.

Download the 32- bit driver or the 64- bit driver  for your PC

Install them

Turn on Bluetooth on your laptop, I have a HP 6910p.

Turn on your Magic Mouse by using the button at the bottom of the mouse.

After the Bluetooth icon shows up in your taskbar, right click and select "Add Bluetooth Device"

Hit Next

The bluetooth program is going to search and eventually pick up your magic mouse.

Select the mouse and Hit next

Click the confirm the operation on the following screen.

Now the mouse is paired!!

Now go to the control panel and click on the mouse Icon

Click on the 'Bluetooth' tab and click connect and the mouse should start working now!!

Enter 0000 when you are prompted for the passcode in bluetooth.


After all this you might want to change the mouse pointer speed to match your needs, now for the most irritating part which is I still haven't figured out how to get the vertical and the horizontal scrolling to work with my laptop, some say that you have to download the Microsoft SideWinder X8 mouse drivers and the scrolling might work but not for me so I am still not completely using  the magic mouse because I REALLY need the scrolling part to work so I will let you guys know if I find a way to fix it until then enjoy what you have and in case you hate it there is always a MAC!!



Finally a good Website Traffic Analyzer

I have been on a look out for a website traffic analyzer tool like forever!! coz all this while I was using one of the free counters you would get on the internet and the company that hosts my website (Squarespace) also has a in -built one which I can use but its completely crap!!

It doesn't give you the rights stats and the numbers are so in-accurate that its a useless tool but last night I stumbled upon a website which offered a free trial upto 30 days and all you had to do was embed a html code into your blog and then they would start monitoring your website and give you real time stats as to who is on your website? where are they from? what's their ip address and do they visit your website frequently plus a lot more detailed info which is fab!!

The name of this provider is "Web-Stat" and you can register your blog/website with them to analyze the daily traffic your website generates and they have a trial for about 30 days but after that its $5 per month which is my opinion is nothing considering the amount of data they provide which is very accurate.

So in case you guys are wondering.. how many HITS does your blog get and who visits it try giving this tool a shot its well worth the effort and the price!!   



Thanks to Anish Kedia...

It has been such a long time since I even checked out my own website leave alone updating it that I cant even remember, so today when one of my friend messaged me on my blackberry asking why I haven't  updated the site it made me think someone actually takes the time off and looks it up so the least I can do is update it.

So what was I upto?? -- Well nothing actually I just didn't feel like updating it even though I had so much to say plus I was kinda planning my next short film bouncing ideas in various movie forums so lets see where I go with that and yeah I recently ordered the "Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown from Amazon and I hope its worth the money and time.

So yeah I have managed to fill in most of the information plus created a whole new "Short Films" section and organized a bunch of stuff on the site, I still have to update one of the movie section though which I will after this post but I wanted to thank him for reminding me to do it...

Over and out!!



A shot at Video Blogging....

So for the past weeks I have been ticking around with my new Mac book right and I wanted to do something real fun and creative which got me started on Final Cut Pro 7.Its a video editing software by apple and its really cool, I mean the things you can do in that are truly awesome!

Anyways long story short, I always thought video blogging was fun and really interesting, I mean you can just have a look at 'you tube' and see how many people are doing it and doing it so well and some of the videos are hilarious! So I decided to put my new machine and the software to the test and made a small video just to see if I am any good at it and I guess it has come out alright.... Its pretty basic nothing fancy but it was lots of fun and at some points a tiny bit frustrating but at the end I think it was time well spent coz I am really happy with what I have done.

I would be uploading the video pretty soon as it has some minor editing work to be done.. watch this space for more!!




An Apple a day keeps the viruses at bay....

Alright then this feels so good, I recently purchased a Macbook Pro and finally moved over from a PC and I must say this is the best technology decision I have ever made!!

The Mac is by far a much better computing machine than a PC and a whole lot faster and stable than Windows when you compare the operating systems. The user interface is very cool and young but does take time getting use to after more than a decade of windows usage but I can getting der. I have the new OS released by apple and its called 'Snow Leopard' and trust me I have never seen a machine shut down so fast, I mean it takes like 5 seconds to shut down and I guess it restarts like it 30-45 seconds or something, I hope it stays that way coz its still new and I don't really have a lot of stuff on it.

The main reason I got a Macbook was for video editing that I do and also apple has one of the best software's in the market for that and its called Final Cut Pro and its simply awesome, earlier on Windows I was using Corel Video Studio 12 which is good but not as professional as FCP7 and also the graphics card on Mac and the pixel resolution is mind-blowing!

There are a lot of tricks I still have to learn so if you have some feel free to share them with me :-) 


Processor: 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4GB (two 2GB SO-DIMMs) of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; supports up to 8GB

Hard drive:  250GB

Display 15.4-inch (diagonal)