A minor milestone - 100 Subcribers on YouTube!

I know, the number isn't that high but today I hit 100 subscribers on my youtube channel! It's like a mini milestone for me, to put things in perspective there are 100 people on the planet who are interested in the content I create on youtube!. I know I don't post and upload videos very often which I really should and if I did, the number in all likelihood would be higher. Although that is a separate conversation all together. The next challenge I have is to buy a new camera since I sold  the one I had (Cannon 6D). I wanted to buy the Sony a6500, but unfortunately used up the money from my Cannon for something else! So now I don't have a camera to make any videos :-(

Anyway, I will hopefully get one soon and get back to making some new videos but until then, this day feels good. Even though my channel has been around for almost 5 years now and I have only just hit 100. I know, this is not a big number but its a number I guess!

My YouTube channel --> https://www.youtube.com/alstarmania


Photo Oct 16, 1 00 35 PM.png

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone - Best thing ever!

So, its been about three weeks I guess since I deleted the Facebook app from my phone as a random decision. (Well not really, it was "inspired" by my wife as she had done the same thing a few days before me!). At first it did feel odd trying to browse Facebook, when I wanted using the Safari browser on my iphone. i must say the experience isn't smooth and a bit clunky. So anyway, the only time I would actually be on Facebook would be at night on my ipad, which by the way still has the app or from my imac at home. But slowly that habit started going away and I for days would'nt check Facebook at all and even if I did, it would be for like 5-10 minutes and then get bored of the experience and close it.

I am in no way trying to bring down the experience of Facebook in general or trying to say other's should follow the same path, its just something I tried and its working out pretty well for me. I wasn't the most active person on Facebook anyway when I used it heavily, the most activity I would have is when I uploaded one of my short films, but other than that I was a random browser on Facebook.

So yea, its hard to imagine how by removing something from your phone, eventually makes you forget things. Its also really scary, how we all are dependant on our phones in our daily life. Ofcourse it has numerous benefits but the pitfalls and also greater! So yea, I am now almost Facebook free and I intend to keep it that way for sometime! (I hope)


iPhone 7 plus battery issue continues...

At this point, I am really pissed with the entire iPhone battery experience. I had talked about this in my previous post as well but now I think its just gotten worse! Its takes like ages to charge and then the battery does not even last for a day. To add to the grief, the phone gets really warm after a little continuous usage. I think at this point my phone's battery is messed up to be honest and I don't even have Apple care. Having said that I just might take it down  to the Apple store to see if a tech can have a look.

Below are the charging timings this morning (with no background apps running, except whatsapp)

9:35am: 59%
9:46am: 61%
10:38am: 69%
11:33am: 77%
11:50am: 80%
12:23pm: 85 %


No wonder Pebble is out of business...

So I think the love affair with my Pebble time round has ended! I really wanted to like this watch for what it offered and for the most part I did but the build quality and the E-paper display didn't quite stick with me. I didn't really mind the watch without a touch screen and in a way was kind of good but the huge bezels and e-paper display was a deal breaker.

In my opinion Pebble didn't innovate fast enough and the competition in the smart watch category is fierce even though the wearable tech market is still trying to come into its own. With big players like Apple and Google, what Pebble needed was one flagship product. They did try that with the Pebble time 2 with the kick-starter campaign recently which now that they are out of business is being shelved. They always maintained that they were the "Swatch" of smart watches but they should  have pushed it more in terms of industrial design with just one bright and crisp colored LCD display, while maintaining the E-paper models on the side.

Anyway I think my Pebble time round is broken because my display has started showing me white dots, coming back to my issue with the E-paper display technology. I will continue using the one I have and eventually migrate to the new Android Wear 2.0 in the next year or maybe the Zen Watch 3 which looks really good.

I have an iPhone so I know the functionality is limited when compared to  the Apple watch but I hate the Apple watch so much as it looks so ugly! 

 Here is how my Pebble looks at the moment when i get a notification. Look at the white dot which covers the bottom left of the screen!


iPhone 7 plus has a shameful battery life

Well, I never thought I'd say this but using the iPhone is just getting on my nerves when it comes to battery life! I genuinely think I have an issue with the battery on my iPhone 7 plus, I mean it doesn't explode or anything like other popular devices but the battery drain is crazy! If anyone from Apple ever sees this post can you please tell the self obsessed execs in the company to stop making stuff thinner and concentrate on user experience?!

Every god dam model does not need to be thin, its almost like Apple are telling us how their brains are in relation to the product thinness!. Ok to be fair I have the company email configured on my phone and I get a lot of emails via push, I have my Pebble watch paired up  as well so that also might drain the battery but these are nothing of out the ordinary devices or operations a modern day smart phone cant handle! I mean Apple can just pay more attention to its battery and just make it BIGGER! They claim to have done that but its still a shame!

Anyway I can go on ranting about it but Apple wont do anything and maybe they will make their iPhone 8 or whatever the hell they want to call their next iPHONE thinner! (Coz it just works! )

So for now I have disabled by push emails and changed it to fetch every 15 mins, I have disabled location services for most apps, disabled background refresh and modified the screen brightness a bit.

Anyway paying so much for a premium phone and still having to do this is just a disgrace! and BTW charging my phone takes ages as well, here are the time intervals I had captured while charging this god dam device!

So i had an overnight charge of 61% when I reached the office and that is when I began charging it directly plugged into the power source with an "original" charging cable and below are the times I got!
6:38 am-  61%
7:05 am-  74%
7:20 am-  81%
7:32 am-  85%
7:43 am-  87%
7:49 am-  89%
7:53 am-  92%
8:03 am-  95%
8:06 am-  96%
8:16 am-  98%

I don't know, maybe these are expected charging times that one would get because Apple does not want fast charging.They were too obsessed getting rid the head-phone jack in this model!