Mixed Emotions...

Good news first.. I have got a call from the Brazilian embassy that my passport is ready and my tourist visa has been stamped and that is the best possible news I can ask for!!

Now for a slightly bad one.. well not exactly bad but u can say not that exciting, the thing is that on my way to Brazil I have a 4 hour stop-over at Paris where I have to catch my connecting flight to Rio now I was made to belive that I do not need a transit visa but as it turns out that I NEED one!! can you bloody belive it.. for 4 hours i need a visa!! (screwed by rules)

So now I have to run around the French consulate to get the transit visa which is a pain in the neck, looking at the bright side I don't really need too much documentation for a transit visa but never the less I have to get one!

It will now cost be a additional 370 AED and I have to submit it in the French consulate in dubai, I am going to collect my passport from the Brazilian embassy this Sunday so I guess within the first week of November I would apply for this god dam transit visa and only after that I would be really happy and satisfied!!