Its great to meet work people outside work..

Last night was my first company party which I had attended, its over a year now since I joined my present organisation and last night was super fun!

Not everyone made it but who ever had come ended up having a ball of a time, it was at the Jumeira Rotana hotel and the atmosphere was very pleasant. Also the Dubai weather off late has been awesome its been raining almost everyday which cools down things a lot around this time of  the year.

We took a whole lot of pictures and most of them I have uploaded on my facebook profile, the food was good too except the fish which I thought was a little weird. I think i had close to 6 Vodka's but I wasn't drunk and did not end up doing something stupid, so like I said meeting office folks outside office is a great feeling when you can let your hair down and just PARTY!!

So all in all a great night and I hope there is a lot more to come!!