Thinking about it..

is.JPGAhh well I have been thinking about getting a tattoo done on my left wrist,  I want to get the word "Inner Strength" in Chinese written but the thing is that I am flippin shit scared by all the needle stuff... but I so want it!! I somehow have to find the "INNER STRENGTH" to go ahead with it Dying from the heat..

I saw a lot of stuff and I don't want to get a dragon or a snake or even an angel tattoo done coz I think thatz too common, I mean everyone gets a dragon or some kind of a monster if I can put it  that way. Its going to be something permanent so I have put a LOT of thought behind it and also its going to be with Black ink not the green one which most of the people use.

So anyways lets see if i gather up the courage to get it done but all I can tell you guys is that I am so scared of needles!!!!