Finally decided!! ( I hope so....)

Alright now I know its still way to early  to talk about this but this is what I have in mind,  first I wanted to take a trip to Spain (Madrid) towards the end of the year u know maybe for new years for about 7 days or so. I looked up the accommodation and stuff and decided on that too, I was going to stay at a youth hostel for the period i was in Madrid coz it was exciting and most importantly cheap!!

But sadly I had to let go of that plan because of the whole visa drama, I spoke to my travel agent and he said that it would be rather difficult for me to get a "Schengen" visa which is required and Blah Blah... so I was like heat-broken!. He gave me the option to go to Cyprus, Turkey and more shitty places like those and i was like WTF.

First spend all that money and then go to places that are so boring, I am 26 not 60!!!, so after a LOT of thinking I decided why not Thailand you know Bangkok, its cheap and I wont have any issues with the visa and plus I have never been to that part of the world so why not.

The Spain trip can wait probably sometime next year I might go but for now I think Bangkok would be a great idea and plus I wana go alone because I have never done that, I guess it would be exciting to visit foreign land without any contacts in that city and like you are in the middle of no-where!!

So yeah my New Years is gona be in Bangkok for sure, I have already looked at some hotels and tentatively decided on

Astera Sathorn (Formerly Sathorn Villa)

It seems to be a nice hotel and fairly reasonable so lets see, plus I have a couple of friends who have visited Bangkok earlier so I would take pointers from them.