I should STOP going to ZARA!!!

Boy I should STOP going to Zara so often.. coz whenever I go there I tend to pick up something, like today I got this AWESOME black short sleeved shirt.. which fits me like so good!! Also along with that I got this semi-formal trousers if I can call them those well actually they are more on the formal side but definitely can be worn with this casual shirt I have.

The trousers are a slight grey in color not completely and with thin white lines again FLIPPING AWESOME!!, I have given them for alteration because of all the recent weight loss  I asked them to cut about half an inch from the waist and also alter the length, so I would have them by the 22nd of this month.

What I am thinkin is that to mix and match this combination I have with like a white belt and white shoes and maybe maybe with a white skinny tie.. the sound of it makes me so happy!!

So lets see.. A black short sleeved shirt with a grey trouser.. white belt and matching shoes !! Total AWESOMENESS...