Why I like travelling alone....

You guys must think I am mental but yeah I prefer to travel alone when I eventually start visiting different cities around the world. I somehow feel that is more exciting I mean like you have no friends or enemies in that place, no contacts or someone you can call for help and it is all upto you to make your trip a SUCCESS or SUCK-CESS!!!

Picture this you land on  foreign land with having no clue as what what you would end up doing the only friend you have are your credit cards and the money you have in your wallet, somehow that to me is more exciting than going in a group and doing stuff with together and all that stuff, I mean what is so exciting about that! its nice but its not Un-predictable!! and that is the whole idea of  visiting different cities according to me.

So that is what I am going to do towards the end of the year when I visit Bangkok but i guess it wont be as much of a Wild experience coz its still in Asia, but still worth a try before I head out somewhere else!!