Oops I did it again!!!

Ahh well I changed my mind AGAIN!!.. yeah you guys heard me right, I dropped the idea of going to Bangkok for the new year's after almost everyone told me that the city is full of whores and sex workers!! and plus how exciting can it be going to Bangkok??

So anyways now my new destination will be "Rio de Janeiro" ... Brazil!! ... yeah u heard me right BRAZIL , I called up the Brazilian embassy here in UAE yesterday and they were like you can get a tourist visa in about 3 days and I also spoke to a Travel agent and searched for accommodation in Rio.

I will be going to Rio for about 7 days from 27/12/08 to 02/01/2009  considering I get my tourist visa without a problem, but somehow I am getting a good vibe about all this and I hope the visa wont be an issue .So bringing in the new year in South America now that is something not a lot of people do... and that is my entire point. I mean people always say that they want to do something different but they end up doing the same dam thing!! So this is my chance to do something different and I am so excited...Wooohoooo!!!

The travel time from Dubai to Rio is about 23 hours flying on Air France with a stop over at Paris, which sounds interesting and exciting, now this time I will NOT change my mind and definitely stick to Brazil where I can have some AWESOME fun!!

You can look up with accommodation details here at  www.elmistihostels.com and the requirements for getting a Brazilian tourist visa here ---> http://www.brazilhouston.org/ingles/vitur.htm

Please pray to all your gods that I get  the visa!!!