off to Hyderabad....

Alright after about 9 months of staying away from home I am heading back for a vacation!! So excited i am gona met my family and all of my friends, I have already made plans for the weekend as to where to go for clubbing and stuff and for a movie so it should be great fun.

Also  they tell me that  the weather in hyderabad right now is awesome its been raining and very pleasant just the way I like it, so all in all it should be a fun trip. i am flying emirates so i hope its gona be on time for a change but the only screw up is that  my flight is at 3:34 am in the morning so I am gona be super jet-lagged when i reach hyderabad coz I dont really like sleeping on flights.

I am going to be back on the 30th so its about 15 days which I think should be enough, and when I come back to dubai I still have to take care of my visa to Brazil for the new years!!!