Back to Dubai!!

Alright then.. after 2 weeks in Hyderabad I am finally back in Dubai to make some money!! The 15 days i was in hydie flew by so dam quick.. I had super super fun with all my friends and some new ones!!

2 weekends of clubbing with crazy pictures and of course with loads of Alcohol!!.. The hottest night spot in hydie currently is this club called "POISON". its actually a pretty nice club by hyderabad standards and I ended up meeting most of my school friends and had pot loads of fun!

The one thing which still remains is that the Hyderabad water doesn't suit my skin.. I know it sounds rather strange but its true, I hate the water in hyderabad!! I did manage to go to some new places like this "Extreme Sports Bar" which opened up and I caught the Spanish grand prix their which Ferrari won.. woohoo!!  Also we all celebrated Rahul's birthday and that was fun too!!

I also spent some quality time with my family and my niece "Zara".. she is so dam super cute!!.. so I guess this would be the only trip to India this year and my next holiday is Brazil for the new years!!