El Misti Hostel in Rio

Alright now before going to Rio and staying at El Misti I did heaps of research on this place just to get a feel of how it would be and from whatever I read I got a positive vibe so I was happy when I booked this place for the duration of my stay.

To be honest things didn't go as planned when I arrived at the Rio airport as my pickup driver wasn't at the airport waiting for me even though I had sent the hostel guys multiple mails.Anyhow I called them up and they said that he will come in about 30 minutes as he is stuck in traffic so I waited but after like 45 minutes when I called them back they told me that he wasn't going to come and it would be best if I take a cab or a bus to the hostel. Now new place dont really know the city and I had been warned of the place and that it is kinda dangerous so I decided the book a taxi from the airport desk itself even though it was expensive.It costed me about 80 Reals for a technically 30 Reals ride.

I got in the cab and reached the hostel at about 10:00pm and yeah the cab drivers in Rio are bloody lunatics they all seem to be related to Lewis Hamilton coz they drive like F1 drivers with no traffic sense at all just like Hamilton!! LOL

Anyways when I arrived at the hostel the vibe that I got was good it was a decent place and the staff I must say were VERY helpful, they guided you where to go and what to do and plus they had 3 cleaners who keep the place very clean and always smelling good which is quite a challenge I must say because of the number of people who stay their but they do a nice job.The room which I was staying had 18 people in it which I think it was my fault coz I should have booked a room with 6 or 9 people but I didnt coz it was turning out to be expensive but anyways the room was good but some of the people were annoying coz they had no regard for your space and they would come in the room at 2am or 4am and switch the light on and start having a conversation without even noticing that someone is sleeping which is very bad!

The weather in Rio was hot and my room did not have A/c which made things worse and the fan wasnt very helpful so I would say get a room with a A/C and it would be heaps better! I managed to catch the breakfast only twice in about 15 days coz on most days I had no energy to get up and the breakfast ends at 11 but I must say they serve a pretty good breakfast especially if you ask them for scrambled eggs!!

The best part about El Misti is that you will NEVER get bored their is always something to do and people are constantly coming in so you get to meet people from all over the world which I think is the BEST part of living in a hostel. This truly is a party hostel and you will have no time to get bored as they even have a bar which opens up at 6pm and for 5 Reals you get excellent drinks. They also have plenty of tours lined up and various parties that you SHOULD go to coz they are heaps fun and that is the way you get to mix with the locals. They have private lockers but you have to pay for those and its same with the internet you cannot get alcohol from outside but you can buy it from the hostel which is slightly more expensive than the market price.

The manager of the hostel is also a nice guy and helps you with whatever questions you have and addresses your every need and same goes for all the members of the staff they are truly very helpful which is an excellent thing. They have 5 washrooms which can be a problem because of the number of people staying there as you might have to wait for your turn but honestly I did not face any major issues in that but probably I was just lucky :). Also my advice to them would be to get a fan for the outside seating area as it gets very HOT during summer and sitting outside at nights is a real challenge so yeah guys PLEASE get a fan and I also noticed there is no clock in the hostel which was quite funny coz no one knew what time it was...lol

As for the crowd at the hostel.. it was great I met some real HOT girls over there and some cool guys too so all in all it was a place well worth the money and if you guys are planning to go to Rio you should ONLY stay at El Misti coz its the best place to be in.. I mean the living conditions can be a challenge but the atmosphere and the people make up for it and you will have all the fun you want to!!!

PS: I have uploaded the pics of the hostel in my Pictures section please have a look at them if you want to know what the hostel looks like.