Its been really long since....

Yeah I know its been over 3 weeks since I have updated my blog primarily because I was on a awesome vacation to Brazil!!

I need to tell you guys all about it but where do I start... I mean its was a best holidays of my life and for a first time traveller I think I did quite well. To start off I had no flight delays going or coming back from Rio and I think Air France is a really good airline.Ok so when landed at the Rio airport I was promised a pickup by my hostel but no one ever came to pick me up and when I called them they told me that the driver is not available and I could have to come to the hostel on my own by a bus or cab, so I paid about 80 Reals for a cab to Copacabana coz I booked it at the airport just to be safe.Alright the night I arrived at the hostel I was taken to a Samba school for the carnival preparations, I also met heaps of travellers and made instant friends with one Australian guy Janis! and also met heaps of Argentinian girls who were great.

As the days passed I did the usual stuff which all tourists do I went to Sugar Loaf mountain and saw the Christ statue and ohh yeah I managed to get a HUGE tan on the beach coz the weather and the sun in Rio is a killer!! I took heaps of pictures which I will treasure for life and made some really cool friends from all over the world.The new year's eve was truly awesome.. the best new year I have ever had and probably will ever have! the fireworks were great and the atmosphere at the copacabana beach was FAB!.

Ok thatz all I have to say for now but I still have to talk about the hostel I stayed with and heaps of people that I met and upload heaps of pics and videos which I will do very SOON!!