Possibly my next holiday..

Well I know its still a long long way for this to happen but i really wana go to the Greek Islands of Ios and Mykonas where the world comes to PARTYYYY!!!

So as usual I have been doing some quality re-search on these 2 places and the best way to get there is by a ferry from Athens coz Ios does not have an airport as yet but Mykonos does, its your choice how you wana get there but I reckon by a boat or ferry would be heaps fun as compared to an aircraft.

They say these islands have the most amazing night life especially Ios which can in a way rival the night life of Ibiza!! It sure sounds fun and a lot of alcohol.The best time to visit these islands is during summer in the months of June till August coz after that things get a little mild and sober.

If you are a budget traveller like I am then make it a point to stay at a youth hostel while you travel coz that is the best way to meet people and hang out and especially helpful if you are travelling alone so this is what I have in mind as of now... next update when the trip actually takes place until then try not to get dead!!