Lost and Found!!

Phewww...I thought I had lost my camera but I guess not this time, last week one of my team-mates was going back to UK so I got my camera to office just to click a few going away pictures...

Got the camera back to my desk after the little gathering and uploaded the pics on my laptop and after that I don't remember what happened but when I came back home that night and was about to hit a club...I thought why dont I take my camera along so that I can capture some nite life and the fun I was gona have but to my disappointment I could not find the camera in my bag and I thought I had lost it but coming to think of it I had a strong feeling that I had mis-placed it in the office coz that was the last time I saw it.

So at 10pm I went rushing back to my office to search for it but i couldn't find it!! So I was like I have to buy a new camera and spend that money again.... I went back home in disappointment and did not enjoy my nite out coz it wasn't pretty and the club scene was sad.. so all in all a sad night!

Sunday morning I reach office which is today by the way and searched a little more but with no luck as usual.. I gave up but after like 15 minutes I searched again and this time a bit detailed and I finally saw a black case under my desk near a white card-board box with my old shoes... I wonder how it got there but I was super happy I saw that and I had found my camera!!! Also I saved spending AED 1100 all over again!!

Camera: Canon IXUS 90