No I am not dead...

I know its been  a while since I have updated my blog but I just didn't have anything to talk about. My life has gone into a monotonous routine off late which sucks... other than the T20 cricket match I went for between Australia and Pakistan at the sports city stadium here in dubai.

It was fun but since I didn't quite have the best seats in the stadium it wasn't mind-blowing and also the match was alright and wasn't close enough but I got to see 2 of the fastest bowlers in world cricket at the moment which was cool. I haven't seen any movies too coz of the current on-going strike between the multiplexes and the producers in our Indian movie industry but what I am really looking forward  to is my trip to Hyderabad next month and then to Delhi for a friend's wedding which I think should be super fun!

Ohhh yeah almost forget I finally joined "Fitness First" back coz its simply the best gym in dubai and I was an idiot to leave it in the first place but I am back to being happy again!!