Back to the grind...

I know I should have written this earlier but somehow I really never got around updating my blog.. but hey I am here now, so its been almost a month since I am back from my vacation to India and its was quite good, the trip was super fantastic I mean Akhil's wedding was really good but Delhi was HOT.. I took like a million pics and if you are my friend on facebook you know what I am talking about :-), the next trip should be more or less around the month of December for New Years lets see how that one goes but its kinda far away now anyways.

Work has been good and so is the alcohol and the night life in Dubai, I did  buy an ipod (16GB) this week and its the most awesome gadget ever which means I can listen to what I want when I work out at the gym which is so cool coz my gym plays some really sorry music honestly. I have also jailbroken my ipod so that I can install 3rd party apps on it!!.

The only bad thing about Dubai as of now is the weather.. its so bloody hot and so humid I mean you cant walk for 10 minutes without sweating geeezhh its bad and next month is also gona be more or less the same. As for interesting stuff to be honest I really don't have much.. lets see ummmm nahhh non what so ever which kinda makes me think that my life is getting monotonous which isnt that good and really disturbing and to top it all up the last few movies that I have seen have been a complete waste of my money!!

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