Finally a good Website Traffic Analyzer

I have been on a look out for a website traffic analyzer tool like forever!! coz all this while I was using one of the free counters you would get on the internet and the company that hosts my website (Squarespace) also has a in -built one which I can use but its completely crap!!

It doesn't give you the rights stats and the numbers are so in-accurate that its a useless tool but last night I stumbled upon a website which offered a free trial upto 30 days and all you had to do was embed a html code into your blog and then they would start monitoring your website and give you real time stats as to who is on your website? where are they from? what's their ip address and do they visit your website frequently plus a lot more detailed info which is fab!!

The name of this provider is "Web-Stat" and you can register your blog/website with them to analyze the daily traffic your website generates and they have a trial for about 30 days but after that its $5 per month which is my opinion is nothing considering the amount of data they provide which is very accurate.

So in case you guys are wondering.. how many HITS does your blog get and who visits it try giving this tool a shot its well worth the effort and the price!!