I am now a Pebbler....almost

Alright now, I have taken a leap of faith and finally got into the world of smart watches! I have ordered the Pebble time round last week and I cant wait to have that delivered to me so that I can try it out. The reason for choosing Pebble over all the other smart watches was that its really a minimalistic smart watch which looks really good but having said that I will have to try it out with iOS and see how it works and what does not.

Right now, I am just waiting for Pebble to actually ship my watch which seems to be taking longer than expected I guess, the website says its in stock and usually the items they have in stock ship quite fast but mine seem to be taking time and when I contacted the support they informed me that my watch is due to be shipped in the next cycle but did not tell me when is that dam cycle gona come! (annoyed..) I have selected UPS as the shipment method which they say takes 2-5 days from the time the watch has been shipped but since its not even shipped that does not even count!

It would be nice if the customers are kept more informed about the status rather than sitting and guessing when the watch will be shipped, so that's one feedback I have for Pebble and hope they work on improving that in the future. So until then I need to keep a close eye on my email and wait for the message from Pebble stating that the watch has  been shipped!