To Pebble or not to Pebble...

I had promised myself that I will not think about getting a smart watch ever, because I felt that its just too much  technology happening in one's life. I mean you have your phone without which you cant live in today's time and then add to it a smart watch?! Never!

So when the Apple watch came out and I was like what a piece of garbage! the way it is designed and looks is absolutely ridiculous, so I was like you know I don't need one of those "smart watches"... but as time passed and when I saw the Huawei smart watch which actually looked like a real watch I got mildly interested but again wasn't convinced that I needed one.

The other day when I saw the pebble time round, I was like "woah i need that one!", it looks great and stylish plus its not really a full fledged smart watch because I am on iOS and the compatibility is just minimum to the extend of only getting notifications on the watch and that is exactly what I need. I don't want a health/fitness tracker or for  that matter an internet machine or something, the entire idea of a smart watch to me is to be used as a notification machine and it doesn't make a difference even if I cant respond to them via the watch since when using the pebble you cant do that with iOS.

So that's how I feel about smart watches and I may end up getting the Pebble since its so minimilistic and does not have all the functionality which an Apple watch has but its looks and probably feels a whole lot better than the garbage which is the Apple watch in its present state! I have always maintained that in 2 years Apple will change the design and make  round face watch but that's then but at the moment I want to get a Pebble and see if that makes a difference to my life!