No wonder Pebble is out of business...

So I think the love affair with my Pebble time round has ended! I really wanted to like this watch for what it offered and for the most part I did but the build quality and the E-paper display didn't quite stick with me. I didn't really mind the watch without a touch screen and in a way was kind of good but the huge bezels and e-paper display was a deal breaker.

In my opinion Pebble didn't innovate fast enough and the competition in the smart watch category is fierce even though the wearable tech market is still trying to come into its own. With big players like Apple and Google, what Pebble needed was one flagship product. They did try that with the Pebble time 2 with the kick-starter campaign recently which now that they are out of business is being shelved. They always maintained that they were the "Swatch" of smart watches but they should  have pushed it more in terms of industrial design with just one bright and crisp colored LCD display, while maintaining the E-paper models on the side.

Anyway I think my Pebble time round is broken because my display has started showing me white dots, coming back to my issue with the E-paper display technology. I will continue using the one I have and eventually migrate to the new Android Wear 2.0 in the next year or maybe the Zen Watch 3 which looks really good.

I have an iPhone so I know the functionality is limited when compared to  the Apple watch but I hate the Apple watch so much as it looks so ugly! 

 Here is how my Pebble looks at the moment when i get a notification. Look at the white dot which covers the bottom left of the screen!