I deleted the Facebook app from my phone - Best thing ever!

So, its been about three weeks I guess since I deleted the Facebook app from my phone as a random decision. (Well not really, it was "inspired" by my wife as she had done the same thing a few days before me!). At first it did feel odd trying to browse Facebook, when I wanted using the Safari browser on my iphone. i must say the experience isn't smooth and a bit clunky. So anyway, the only time I would actually be on Facebook would be at night on my ipad, which by the way still has the app or from my imac at home. But slowly that habit started going away and I for days would'nt check Facebook at all and even if I did, it would be for like 5-10 minutes and then get bored of the experience and close it.

I am in no way trying to bring down the experience of Facebook in general or trying to say other's should follow the same path, its just something I tried and its working out pretty well for me. I wasn't the most active person on Facebook anyway when I used it heavily, the most activity I would have is when I uploaded one of my short films, but other than that I was a random browser on Facebook.

So yea, its hard to imagine how by removing something from your phone, eventually makes you forget things. Its also really scary, how we all are dependant on our phones in our daily life. Ofcourse it has numerous benefits but the pitfalls and also greater! So yea, I am now almost Facebook free and I intend to keep it that way for sometime! (I hope)