I trashed my Macbook Pro today!


Today I had to bin my oldest Apple product that I ever purchased. This was my old 15 inch Macbook Pro from way back in 2009. This was the machine that I started editing my videos on and it was such a joy when I first purchased it. However as time passed it got slower and I dropped it a couple of times and had to replace the WiFi chip as that wasn't working, then the screen had to be fixed as the hinges had come off because of the fall and then the battery was damaged and it would only stay on as long as the power cord was plugged in!

Today I tried to replace the internal hard disk with a SSD disk to breathe new life into this old machine and while doing that I broke the already broken screen. I then figured, its time to say goodbye :-(

So I took out the old hard drive and the old memory chips that I had upgraded on this machine and decided to bin it. It was a whole lot of fun while it lasted!