Its getting a bit confusing now....

Ok now I am gone for all money and I am in total confusion!! Earlier this month when I starting working out I wanted to gain some weight coz I had been told by too many people that I am skinny, so I decided to spike up my calorie intake per day to about 2300, and work out 5 days a week.

Now after like 8 days I have put on about almost 2 kgs but the downside is that I have put on weight on my stomach.... which is really annoying coz I has worked so hard for about 3 months to shed all that un-wanted fat and now I am seeing it come back again!!

I don't really know if I should carry on with this diet or just quit.....coz I have been told that in order to bulk up u gain all the weight you can then you work to cut the fat off.. so I dunno what to do coz it takes a lot of effort to burn the fat down!


Back to the gym....

So after close to 2 months I am finally back to working out and yesterday was my first day back at the gym and let me tell you that it was so not happening!! I mean I seem to have lost all the power in my muscles and the weights I could life easily are now all difficult, thatz probably because of the time gap and I guess the muscles need to open up again before they can life regular weights.

Also as of yesterday I have changed my diet and just by rough calculations i almost took in 2500 calories yesterday, so I guess a month of this would really see me putting on some weight. I hope today is a lot better at the gym and I wish I can lift a little bit more...