Delhi here I come!!

A quick update --> Finally landed safely at Hyderabad yesterday without my plane crashing or going off the air traffic radar :-). The weather in Hyderabad is alright its kinda hot but not as much as Dubai of course but it tends to get sticky but its not that bad.

Right now I am at the airport again only this time I am flying to Delhi where I know the weather is gona suck big time but looking on the bright side I get to see all my friends and get the attend a wedding, what more can I ask for ohh yea and I hear Delhi girls are real hot so all in all should be a fun trip! On a separate note I really like the Hyderabad airport its calm and very efficient plus you get to use an internet kiosk machine which I am on right now for free which is an awesome time killer! I just hope my flight is on time without any delays I am flying spice jet (Flight SG226,Seat No: 16A) which is due for departure at 10:25am so until next time have fun and dont get dead...

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Vacation time!!

My first vacation of this year from work and it feels real good, I am off to Hyderabad and then to Delhi for a couple of days for a wedding of a very good friend. This is also the first time I will be at a friend's wedding and it feels so odd.. I mean are we that old now that we have to get married!!

Anyways I am super excited about the trip coz I get to see my family and friends and have a rocking time, I just hope that Delhi isn't too hot but I think it will so what the heck! Also this time around I am taking my camera along with me so I am gona take heaps of pictures and ohh by the way did I mention that I broke my earlier camera "Cannon IXUS 90" and instead got a new one "Cannon IXUS 100" which is fliipin awesome man!

 So all in all I just hope the trip goes fine and I am back with loads of fine memories...


Lost in the Atlantic...

I am sure you guys must have been following this story about an Air France flight AF 447 which crashed  in the Atlantic on its way to Paris from Rio De Janeiro and the reason I was taken aback was because a few months back I was on the very same flight going to Paris from Brazil!! What are the chances??

The plane was only like 4 years old and should have been in good condition its really scary to think how a plane can go off the radar and no one can find it, I am sure this is not the first time that this has happened but every time it does the news is always bad. They say most of the people on board were Brazilians, I hope they find the plane and hopefully they are some survivors but I think we all know that its not going to happen and sadly everyone on board are gone....


Possibly my next holiday..

Well I know its still a long long way for this to happen but i really wana go to the Greek Islands of Ios and Mykonas where the world comes to PARTYYYY!!!

So as usual I have been doing some quality re-search on these 2 places and the best way to get there is by a ferry from Athens coz Ios does not have an airport as yet but Mykonos does, its your choice how you wana get there but I reckon by a boat or ferry would be heaps fun as compared to an aircraft.

They say these islands have the most amazing night life especially Ios which can in a way rival the night life of Ibiza!! It sure sounds fun and a lot of alcohol.The best time to visit these islands is during summer in the months of June till August coz after that things get a little mild and sober.

If you are a budget traveller like I am then make it a point to stay at a youth hostel while you travel coz that is the best way to meet people and hang out and especially helpful if you are travelling alone so this is what I have in mind as of now... next update when the trip actually takes place until then try not to get dead!!


The book I am reading...

All of a sudden I have developed a keen interest towards the world of currency trading and the so called "FOREX" market. Now having said that I have absolutely no idea about how it works and what goes on in the background which is exactly what I am trying to learn by reading and talking to as many people as I can.

Now I know this isnt going to be easy but this is something I wana try my hand at and see where I get, I mean its not like I am gona quit my job and become a full time online trader or something it just gives me something to do when I have time for myself and plus it keeps your mind sharp and well informed about what's going on around the world and the various economies.

I have ordered my first book from Amazon and it should be with me soon so I will have more to share when I am on it...