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A New Goal!

So by the looks of things and what I can foresee, I am not going to reach 500 subs on my YouTube channel and my goal for this year will fail which is disappointing. Although there is still some time left for the year to end so there is always a chance! (external optimist!)

I have set myself a new goal or a new journey, if I can call it that. I want to start vlogging. I always wanted to vlog but my life inst that interesting to be honest so never had that inclination. However, I want to at least give it a shot before giving up, if I am really bad at that then I can look back and think and maybe feel a little satisfied that I had at least attempted to start something new and failure is just a part of life!

The conundrum is do I start a new separate vlogging channel or use my existing channel on which I upload my short films on. Ideally I would like to keep things separate as film-making is something really close to my heart and I don’t want to mix the two things up. Although on the flip side, I will have to build my user base on this new channel from scratch which isn’t a big deal as I don’t have a lot of subscribers anyway on my main channel.

Alright, so I will think about a new name of this vlogging channel and start a new journey, not sure how it will pan out but I will aim for the best!

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Moving to a full frame camera! --- Cannon 6D

Ah finally after all these years of shooting video with my awesome cannon T2i which is still a bloody good camera for the price I got in for.. I am moving to my first full frame camera the "Cannon 6D". Now I thought about this real hard because this is my camera upgrade after like 3 years so I wanted to be sure.

There were couple of factors that drove me into buying this camera out of which the main one was the price... If you ask me I would love to buy a Panasonic GH4 or Sony A7S but since I was on a tight budget and wanted to buy a full frame camera at this point I choose the Cannon 6D. The reviews on for this camera are pretty impressive and its being compared to the Cannon 5D Mark III with regards to its video capability and sharpness but having said that I know that Mark III is a more well rounded professional camera when it comes to video.

Speaking of video that is the only thing I use my DSLR for since that is the norm in today's world of independent short films isn't it.. I already have a Cannon 50mm 1.4 lens with me which I might end up using on this new Cannon 6D but other than that my old Tamron lens will not work coz its mainly for crop sensor cameras.Still not sure what I am going to do with my old T2i and the Tamron 17-50mm.. I might sell it and see how much I get and then invest that into buying a new lens..

So anyway for now I am pretty satisfied with my decesion and as I use it going forward I am sure I am going to love it!