Why I think Apple Watch is the ugliest piece of tech around...

Oh well, a few months back Apple proudly announced their latest creation called  the "Apple Watch" in an effort to re-invent the time piece and change the perception of the age old design. The rumours and the curiosity building up was wild and everyone wanted to know what it looked it? What could it do ? and some people hoped it would even help them time travel! j/k

So when the day came and they un-veiled the apple watch the first few words that came to my mind were "WOW, they've done a Samsung!".. I mean to me it looked like they shrunk the iphone and decided to call it the apple watch. Now before all the fan boys start hating me for the record I love what apple does I mean I own every product that I think is useful (imac, iphones, ipads, ipods) and the list goes on and I am looking to buy the new iphone 6s Plus when it comes out later this month so this is not hate for Apple its just hate for the design of the Apple Watch!

There are certain things according to me that you don't mess with from a design point of view, a watch has a unique place in history for ages and it looks classy when its circular and not like a shrunk iphone! I am not talking software here because I am sure Apple will get that right eventually with later releases which is fine by me but the fact the physical design is so shitty I just cant seem to understand why people would want to buy it. Alright yea, they want it because its makes their life easier and its cool and all that stuff but Apple has been promoting it as a fashion accessory which it is NOT! Its a piece of tech that looks like garbage...(The only thing cool is the digital crown which is a usefull addition)

I personally hate what Samsung does in terms of design for any of their products.. they are tacky and for most part ridiculous in term of design but what they have done with their latest release of the Samsung Gear S2 is really impressive and for most part very cool! I probably would never get a chance to experience that since I hate Andriod but if they ever get them compatible with iOS I will be the first to jump and buy them! I also think the Moto360 has a really cool design as well and customizable which is fun.

I hope you can see a pattern here which is that circular watches look much better!.. I am no one to imagine the future but I feel in about 2-3 years time Apple will make a circular watch and everyone would be like they have done it again! A REVOLUTION! tadaaaa...

So in conclusion I cant see myself wasting my money on something that is this ugly! and for the ones who already have... well have fun with it!


Apple --> Give me the new iMac now!

Its been over a year since the folks in Cupertino updated their iMac models running the Sandy Bridge processors and for the love of god I hope they do it soon! I was hoping they would finally announce it at last month's WWDC but as we all know the only models they updated were the Macbook Pro and Air but no iMacs!

I know its going happen eventually but like everyone else I want it to happen now so that I can get myself one, I already have a late 2009 Macbook Pro which is aright and I don't want to upgrade to the new super fast and according to Apple "The best computer they have built yet" model because for me its  too dam expensive and I rather buy an iMAC with a bigger screen resolution.

I really don't care if they make it retina display or not... all I want are the new Ivy-Bridge processors and USB 3.0 ports and hopefully a different design not that there is something horribly wrong with the current iMac models but it would be nice if they gave it a design tweak, I mean that's the least they can do for making us wait for so long :-) and yeah I hope they are able to reduce the glare factor on the display as they claimed to have done that with the updated 2012 Macbook Pro models.

All I hear nowadays are rumours about how the new "iphone 5" will probably look like and I honestly don't care because I know for a fact that I wont get one so I cant be bothered what it looks like or how awesome its going be! So if Apple is listening --> Update your iMac models now! 


An Apple a day keeps the viruses at bay....

Alright then this feels so good, I recently purchased a Macbook Pro and finally moved over from a PC and I must say this is the best technology decision I have ever made!!

The Mac is by far a much better computing machine than a PC and a whole lot faster and stable than Windows when you compare the operating systems. The user interface is very cool and young but does take time getting use to after more than a decade of windows usage but I can getting der. I have the new OS released by apple and its called 'Snow Leopard' and trust me I have never seen a machine shut down so fast, I mean it takes like 5 seconds to shut down and I guess it restarts like it 30-45 seconds or something, I hope it stays that way coz its still new and I don't really have a lot of stuff on it.

The main reason I got a Macbook was for video editing that I do and also apple has one of the best software's in the market for that and its called Final Cut Pro and its simply awesome, earlier on Windows I was using Corel Video Studio 12 which is good but not as professional as FCP7 and also the graphics card on Mac and the pixel resolution is mind-blowing!

There are a lot of tricks I still have to learn so if you have some feel free to share them with me :-) 


Processor: 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4GB (two 2GB SO-DIMMs) of 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM; supports up to 8GB

Hard drive:  250GB

Display 15.4-inch (diagonal)