apple magic mouse

Apple's Magic Mouse on Windows

Last week one of my friend gifted me the new 'Magic Mouse' by Apple which I have been wanting to buy like forever and now I have it!! It works like a charm on my Mac with the swipes and all that jazz but for the 4 finger swipes and the expose features you would have to download a separate software called Better Touch Tool (Only on the MAC)  its a free download and very simple to configure, I might do a video on that on how to configure it but there are loads of videos already on YOUTUBE.

So this morning I wanted to see if the magic mouse would work on my PC (Windows Xp -32 bit) because most of the time I use the trackpad on my Macbook Pro unless I am using Final cut pro and Adobe After Effects. The mouse does work with Windows Xp all you have to do is download some drivers and then pair the mouse using blue tooth.

Download the 32- bit driver or the 64- bit driver  for your PC

Install them

Turn on Bluetooth on your laptop, I have a HP 6910p.

Turn on your Magic Mouse by using the button at the bottom of the mouse.

After the Bluetooth icon shows up in your taskbar, right click and select "Add Bluetooth Device"

Hit Next

The bluetooth program is going to search and eventually pick up your magic mouse.

Select the mouse and Hit next

Click the confirm the operation on the following screen.

Now the mouse is paired!!

Now go to the control panel and click on the mouse Icon

Click on the 'Bluetooth' tab and click connect and the mouse should start working now!!

Enter 0000 when you are prompted for the passcode in bluetooth.


After all this you might want to change the mouse pointer speed to match your needs, now for the most irritating part which is I still haven't figured out how to get the vertical and the horizontal scrolling to work with my laptop, some say that you have to download the Microsoft SideWinder X8 mouse drivers and the scrolling might work but not for me so I am still not completely using  the magic mouse because I REALLY need the scrolling part to work so I will let you guys know if I find a way to fix it until then enjoy what you have and in case you hate it there is always a MAC!!