dark matter

Is there intelligent life in the universe?

Its really the fundamental question isn't it? "Is there intelligent life in the universe besides us".If you ask me of- course there is, only because we haven't found it that doesn't mean that it does not exist.

There are over a 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe just like our Milky Way galaxy, some are small while some are almost 10 times as big as ours and each one of these galaxies have about a billion stars in them just like our sun... and to think that we are all alone in the universe would be the most ridiculous thought anyone can have.

For starters we don't even know at this present day what the universe is made of.. all the "stuff" that you see in the universe currently (U, me, matter, stars, planets, comets etc etc) makes up only 4%!! yes 4 % of the entire observable universe while 73% comprises of something called "Dark Energy" and "Dark Matter" makes up the rest 23% and no one knows what those 2 are!

So from what we know of the universe at this present day the fact is we don't know a lot!..forget about life in other galaxies.. there might be life right here in our own Milky Way galaxy and its just that we aren't clever enough to discover it! Hell we haven't even looked completely within our own galaxy which is about 100,000 thousand light years across and to get our head around that number is a challenge in itself leave alone thinking about the actual size of the ever expanding universe...

I hope at-least in my life-time if we manage to find even microscopic life on a near by planet that would be a major breakthrough in Science which would confirm that life can exist else where as well besides planet Earth!