david blaine

Obsessed with Card Magic!!

Off late I have been spending WAY too much time learning card magic and its almost reached a point of pure obsession! Back when I was in college I once saw an episode of David Blane on "AXN" and how he goes out and performs magic to random people on  the street and I wondered how he did those cards tricks that he did and was completely fascinated with that but back then I didn't invest time or pay too much attention to learn the art behind the tricks because I was too busy growing up I guess!

Now when I finally have patience to actually learn what happens behind the scenes of all those tricks it makes me wonder how simple they are once you learn the logic behind them, thankfully its not really an expensive hobby because all you need a deck of cards and you are set and its magic so you get to show off your skills to people and they think you are a wizard which in real you are hardly that!

My favoutite deck so far has to be the "Aurum" deck, but I also own a bunch of Bicycle card decks which are reasonabily good... So I guess until this obession wears its all magic for me!