Delhi here I come!!

A quick update --> Finally landed safely at Hyderabad yesterday without my plane crashing or going off the air traffic radar :-). The weather in Hyderabad is alright its kinda hot but not as much as Dubai of course but it tends to get sticky but its not that bad.

Right now I am at the airport again only this time I am flying to Delhi where I know the weather is gona suck big time but looking on the bright side I get to see all my friends and get the attend a wedding, what more can I ask for ohh yea and I hear Delhi girls are real hot so all in all should be a fun trip! On a separate note I really like the Hyderabad airport its calm and very efficient plus you get to use an internet kiosk machine which I am on right now for free which is an awesome time killer! I just hope my flight is on time without any delays I am flying spice jet (Flight SG226,Seat No: 16A) which is due for departure at 10:25am so until next time have fun and dont get dead...

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Vacation time!!

My first vacation of this year from work and it feels real good, I am off to Hyderabad and then to Delhi for a couple of days for a wedding of a very good friend. This is also the first time I will be at a friend's wedding and it feels so odd.. I mean are we that old now that we have to get married!!

Anyways I am super excited about the trip coz I get to see my family and friends and have a rocking time, I just hope that Delhi isn't too hot but I think it will so what the heck! Also this time around I am taking my camera along with me so I am gona take heaps of pictures and ohh by the way did I mention that I broke my earlier camera "Cannon IXUS 90" and instead got a new one "Cannon IXUS 100" which is fliipin awesome man!

 So all in all I just hope the trip goes fine and I am back with loads of fine memories...