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How much does Facebook know about you and how you can find out? (Kinda)

After the recent data breach scandal that exposed Facebook and how a data analytical company harvested information from upwards of 50 million Facebook users is truly hard to comprehend in today's times! (or is it?!)

To be honest and this is just my personal opinion, we are all have been compromised a long time back and this leak is nothing new. Remember Edward Snowden back in 2013 exposing the ways of the US government of tracking their citizens and I honestly believe this is true for most governments all over the world. If you have a phone and a computer, no matter how careful you are if they want to know about you, trust me they will! So though this data breach is truly overwhelming, not so much in terms of how they did it but how a pretty big company like Facebook could let that happen. I mean they constantly kept reminding us on how they take user privacy seriously, but apparently they don't! (and I know Mark Zuckerberg is "sorry")

This phase will pass and some month's down the line we will forget all this ever happened and get on with sharing information like we always do. If I can speak for myself, I had deleted the Facebook app from my phone some month's back, not because I wanted to stop them from spying on me but I just found myself randomly scrolling and looking at people's life without any aim and that got to me. its not that i don't use Facebook anymore, I do but ever since i have got it off my phone, I noticed I am not that interested anymore. Like they say out of sight, out of mind!

So if you want to know how much Facebook knows about you, here is what you can do. Open your Facebook account on a computer and click on settings on the top right and download your Facebook archive and have a look at that. The most disturbing thing I found out that, they have all the phone numbers of my contact list on my phone! (Now imagine that being exploited by someone). Like I have said earlier in this post, we all have been compromised the moment we signed up for using the internet and now its all in the open!

Here is how you download your Facebook archive..

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 7.53.43 PM copy.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 7.57.06 PM copy.png

Also, while you are at this try and have a look at all the APPS that have access to your Facebook profile and if you think some of them don't really need access, then remove them so that going forward they will not be able to get your information, although they already have what they need!

PS: Remember Facebook owns Whatsapp! (some food for thought!)