Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 - Certified!

Today I successfully cleared the first certification exam for Exchange 2010 (70-662) and it feels great! but honestly I am not a great believer in these certification exams because I kinda find it stupid to learn from various dumps available on the internet and pass them.

I did the same thing too I downloaded the "Testking" package for this exam which had about 80 questions in them and went for this exam but i was surprised that not many questions actually came from these dumps.If I remember correctly I may have got around 7 or 8 questions which were similar in a total of 45 questions on the exam so what got me through was the learning I did on the Microsoft technet website and other training videos which actually made me feel really good that it wasn't because of the dumps I passed but because of the knowledge.

I recommend if you plan to take this certification exam DO NOT depend on testking as i found it to be worthless, well not completely worthless but it wasnt great help as the company claims. So yeah i still have one more exam to clear which is the 70-663 and then I would be completely certified on Exchange 2010!.

Test Score: 742