video blogging

A shot at Video Blogging....

So for the past weeks I have been ticking around with my new Mac book right and I wanted to do something real fun and creative which got me started on Final Cut Pro 7.Its a video editing software by apple and its really cool, I mean the things you can do in that are truly awesome!

Anyways long story short, I always thought video blogging was fun and really interesting, I mean you can just have a look at 'you tube' and see how many people are doing it and doing it so well and some of the videos are hilarious! So I decided to put my new machine and the software to the test and made a small video just to see if I am any good at it and I guess it has come out alright.... Its pretty basic nothing fancy but it was lots of fun and at some points a tiny bit frustrating but at the end I think it was time well spent coz I am really happy with what I have done.

I would be uploading the video pretty soon as it has some minor editing work to be done.. watch this space for more!!