Setup has detected that the build version of the system installed does not match the update... build 6944 only

So I was updating one of my exchange 2003 servers with the lastest hotfix provided by Microsoft (KB943068) in order to address the daylight saving time.

While installing this hotfix i encounter the below error message

Now as my server is Exchange 2003 its build should be at 6944 by default but for some reason the value in the registry is bad, so in order to fix this issue we have to modify the registry and set it to the correct value.

The location you want to look at in the registry is:


NewestBuild    RegDword   "4417"  (Which is in-correct)

ServicePackBuild RegDword "6249" (which is in-correct)

Change the number in the above dword to 6944 and 7638 receptively and re-install the patch and it will complete successfully!!!