How to move items between calendar's in Microsoft Outlook

Thought this might help someone wherever they are on the planet so decided to post it. Have you ever landed up in a situation where you want to move calendar items between outlook calendar's within the same user mailbox.

One of my user decided to change his default email delivery location to his pst and still had some calendar items which were present in his primary/server mailbox and he was trying to move them manually by dragging and dropping it in  his pst calendar until I saved him :-)

Here is how I moved his calender items from one calendar to another...

Click on the calendar folder

Select 'View' menu choose 'Arrange By'  --> 'Current View'  --> 'By Category'

You will now see all of ur meetings and appointments

Select the first item and then scroll to  the bottom and holding shift click on the last item which should select the entire list (for people trying to use Control+A to select all items.. that will not work here)

After all the items are selected move them to the desired calendar by dragging and dropping them.


For user's on Outlook 2010

Click on the calendar icon on the bottom left

View --> Change View --> List or Category

Select the items you want to move over and drag it to the desired calendar.


Now say a little prayer and thank me! :-)