Exchange 2010 Roll up 4 does not Install - Error Code 1603

So I downloaded the Exchange 2010 Roll up 4 released by Microsoft today and was trying to install it on my servers along with a little prayer that it wont mess up my databases which the last Roll up did for some users (Roll up 3!!).

Okay now I am all excited but when I start the installation after a while it would say "Rolling back actions" and fail (Booooo!) so I looked at the event logs and spotted the 1603 error code which I instantly thought will be some kind of a generic error message. So I looked up the Install log file and saw an "Access Denied" error while the installation was trying to stop the Exchange services and that was the issue!

So this time when I ran the install I did it from an "Elevated Powershell command prompt" and guess what it worked! That was simple!

Now I know for some of you guys out there the solution is not going to be as simple as this so let me know what issues you face and maybe I can help you figure it out!

 Tips: You can also give it a shot by disabling UAC from the contol panel under "Change User Account Settings" menu and you can manualy stop all the Microsoft Exchange Services and give it a try!