Nortel Vpn client gives an error "Remote Host not responding" when using a Linksys router

Alright this morning I faced some issues while connecting to my work using the Nortel VPN Client, it kept coming back with an error "Remote Host not reponding". My internet was working just fine and also I was able to ping the FQDN of the vpn box of my company but whenever I tried connecting it gave me the error, I have a Linksys router at home by the way.

So I decided to dig into it a little deeper and disconnected from my home wi-fi and connected to a different wi-fi connection which had no security password on it and once I got into that I was able to use my Nortel Vpn client and connect to my work... So there had to be something wrong with the router setting which I had at home and it wasnt allowing VPN traffic to pass???

I opened up a webpage and went to the administration page of the Linksys router by going to and the default password for most Linksys routers are admin/admin (Username/Password). Once in that I clicked the Security tab and then the VPN tab and enabled the protocols for the VPN passthrough and clicked Save Settings.

After a while I was able to connect using the Notel VPN client through my home wi-fi!!

Hope this helps!

If not then go to and post a question in the forums and I bet someone will repond back to you or call the Linksys support line.