(46) Server not allowed access - Netbackup

I had quite a torrid time figuring out how to fix the "(46) Server not allowed access" error message when your Netbackup server try's to connect to your client to back it up.

This time the issue was that my dedicated backup server was having issues accessing/talking to my file server and whenever I use to try going to Host Properties --> Clients --> Right click my file server and say properties I would be shown this particular message!

I finally managed to fix it so here's what you might wana make sure and try and hope this help some of u...

  • First of all you need to make sure that on both servers (backup server and the your client) you have made a Host file entry by adding the two servers in. i.e On the backup server host file you have an entry for the File server and on the File Server host file you have an entry for you backup server. (You can access the host file by going to Start --> Run and typing drivers and then going inside the etc folder)
  • You can also modify the Windows firewall on the backup server to allow access for the client to access any protocol and on the file server allow access to the backup server.

Lastly the step which fixed the issue for me.....

  • On my client (file server) I created a bpcd folder under c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\logs to generate a log and see if it helps.
  • After that I restarted the Netbackup services on the client and looked in that log file and it was trying to resolve my backup server with an ip address of which wasnt the ip adderess of my backup server.
  • So I opened up BAR GUI on my client and Selected File ---> Specify Netbackup Machine and Policy Type and in the Server to use for Backup and Restores box make sure that your backup server is listed and in my case I even saw an ip adress of listed there ..aha!!
  • But for some reason when I clicked the "Edit Server List" button next to it to remove that rougue IP I couldnt do it?? which was most odd! but fear not I figured out a way to manually remove it through the registry by going to HKLM --> SOFTWARE --> VERITAS --> NETBACKUP --> CURRENT VERSION --> CONFIG, here you would find a key called "Server" just double click that and remove the rougue IP or any entry which is other than your backup server.

I hope the above steps will help you in some way to fix this particular error so that you can get on with your life and continue browsing the internet for random pointless information! :-)