How to Import tapes in Netbackup 7

I hope this will help someone out there since i had to search quite a bit to figure out how to do this so here goes!

My Scenario:

I had taken a full backup of one of my file servers at a remote location using netbackup and the total size of the data was 13TB, in time we had to decommission the file server and also the backup server at that site as the office was closing down but there was a need to restore the data in an alternate location so that the users could have access to it.

The tapes were shipped to my office and i had the task of importing these tapes into my netbackup server and before I forget the tapes were barcoded and it is very important that you use barcoded tapes because it just makes the process easier as I have heard that if you use non-barcoded tapes it turns out to be a living nightmare! 

So here is what I did to import the tapes into my new netbackup server...

> Load the tapes in your tape Library

> Go to your netbackup admin console on the server and inventory to find the tapes you loaded in

> If your tapes are barcoded properly you will see them show up

(Here i had an issue because when i inventoried my "Media Id" was different than my "Barcode" so when i tried to "Initiate Import" under the Catalog menu it gave me an error)

So i had to modify my Media Generation ID under where you right click the robot and select inventory, you find a button called "Advance Options" once you click that you can go to the "Media Generation ID" and modify that but if your "Media Generation Id" is the same as the old server  then you will not have to do anything!

Alternateively if you are having issues with understanding how the media generation ID works and what you need to do what you can do is import the tapes manually one by one for that you need to:

1) Delete the tape from the inventory by going under Media -> Robots -> TLD (0)

2) Remember the slot number of the tape you have deleted coz you will need it in the next step

3) Right click under the Inventoried list of tapes and select NEW


Fill in the required details under Media type, Media ID, First Slot Number, Volume group and Volume pool and click on OK

After that you will see the tape in the inventory list and after you have verified that start the phase 1 import as shown below and follow the same procedure for the rest of your tapes!

Phase 1

> Once your tapes show up properly go to the Catalog option in the netbackup admin console and click on Actions on top and select Initiate Import.


> A box will pop up where you will have to enter the Media Id of the tape you want to import (remember this is the Media ID not the actual barcode)


 > Once you click OK the process will start and then you can go to the Activity Monitor in your console and see what is going on and if everything is proper the Import will be successful and you will have to follow the same steps for the rest of your tapes and import them one by one.


Phase 2

> Once you have successfully imported all the tapes that you want, you will have to now read the actual data in these tapes into the netbackup software which takes a while. Almost as long as the time you had spent backing up the data in the first instance if not more! 

> So go to the "Catalog" menu again in the console and this time using search GUI select the Action as "Import"  and then you can either specify the "Media Id" or enter in the dates and search by them.

When I tried searching by the "Media Id" I could not see the media I imported so I did a search by the dates and got the result that I wanted.

 > After that Right click the jobs in the result and Click on "Import" which will then kick off the import procedure and read the actual data from the tapes which will take a while.


i hope you found this helpful and best of luck!