Snapshot error encountered (156) - Netbackup

Backups are a pain in the neck if you know what I mean and especially when you encounter issues like the one below.

So anyway my backups were failing to backup a client server with a "Snapshot error encountered (156)" error message and this is what I had to do to fix it.

  • Open the Netbackup Admin Console (with admin rights) and expand Host Properties
  • Click on Master Servers and then in the right pane right click the master server and go to properties
  • Once the Property window opens up click on Client Attributes in the left pane
  • Then Click on Add at the bottom in the right window and enter the client name that is failing
  • Then Click on Window Open File Backup

Here you can try two things:

You can click to clear the option "Enable Windows Open File Backups for this client" (which I have done)


You can select "Enable Windows Open File Backups for this client" and under the Snapshot error control select "Disable Snapshot and continue"

  • Click Apply and OK
  • Restart the netbackup services for this change to take effect
  • Run the backup again