Outlook clients cannot connect to active DAG member after node failure - Exchange 2010

So I had this issue where one of my DAG members in a 2 node cluster went down and some of my users were not able to connect via outlook and when I tried creating a new outlook profile they were getting pointed to the DAG member which was down!

That was funny because it was like the CAS was not able to point the outlook clients to an active DAG member which was online and working.. So I ran the below command to check and eventually fix the issue.

First run the Get-MailboxDatabase | fl identity,RpcClientAccessServer command to get the active pointing of our databases and when I did that one of my database was pointing to the failed DAG member and that is why my users on that database were not able to connect to exchange.

So I had to manually re-point that using Set-MailboxDatabase <database name> -RpcClientAccessServer <fqdn of the active DAG member>

After that I created the profile for the problem user and it was fixed!