Find out harwarde details of Esxi servers using SSH

I wanted to find out the serial number and the model of my Esxi host using SSH. I know we can find this out using the vcentre client under the hardware status tab but I wanted to SSH and find out the info.

It was fairly simple to do..

  • Start the SSH service on the host
  • Open up putty and connect using SSH to the host
  • Run the command smbiosDump | egrep '(Product|Serial)'
 # smbiosDump | egrep '(Product|Serial)'
      Serial Services supported
    Product: "ProLiant DL380p Gen8"
    Serial: "CZxxxxxC5F"
    Serial: "CZxxxxxC5F"
    Type: 0x09 (Serial Port 16550A Compatible)
    Product ID: 642119-421