How to backup a mapped drive using Netbackup

Last week I had a situation where I needed to backup one of my external QNAP device and after looking around this is one of the methods I used in order to get the job done, there maybe other methods out there but this is the one I used!

  • Modify the bpstart_notify.bat and  bpend_notify.bat file under /program files/veritas/netbackup/bin


net use Q: \\\data admin /USER:\admin

Q: This is the mapped drive letter than you need, I choose Q but you can select what you want

IP: This is the ip address of the external location and  the share name eg: \\\data

admin: This is the password for accessing the share (If you have a password set, then you can enter it here)

/USER: This is the user name for accessing the share, so the ip followed by the user name (admin)

 As you can tell from the explanation above my username and password for accessing the share on the external storage is admin:admin.

  • Save the bpstart_notify.bat file


  • net use /DELETE Q:

Here after the backup is done just delete the mapped drive.


Now make a new policy in Netbackup with the following information:

 Make sure "Backup Network Drives" is checked!


Now schedule a full backup and start the backup job and if you have configured it the right way, you should now see the data being backed up!