A file I/O error occurred while accessing - Vmware converter V2V


So this morning, I was trying to convert a virtual machine running on a Hyper-V host on a different domain to another using the Vmware converter tool. The destination was to the Vmware 5.5 cluster. I had installed the vmware converter on the Hyper-V machine and ran through the initial setup and clicked on the finish button. When I did that after a while I got an error "A file I/O error occurred while accessing". After looking around for a while I realized that from my source machine I cannot ping the FQDN of my Vcenter server and the destination host that I am trying to migrate this virtual machine to, even though I can ping the IP's the DNS names cannot be pinged.

So it was pretty straight forward from this point, I opened by the local hosts file, on the source server and made some manual entries to the vcenter server and the destination vmware host. After I did that I re-ran my conversion tool and this time it worked! (I hope you know how to get the local host file on a server to make manual entries, if you don't then drop me a comment and I shall respond back!)