Fun with Powershell - Random name picker!

This was fun to make, so we had a situation where a task was meant to be done and no one openly volunteered for it. (not even me!). So they decided to pick a representative for the work, but I wanted to make it fair and REALLY random. So I wrote up a script and had the system pick a random team member to be assigned with the task!. This way no one could be blamed but the computer itself... (The computer didn't pick me! and NO I did not manipulate the code..)

What you need to do is use the GET-RANDOM function in powershell and work work with variables, its pretty self explanatory.

$array = "Batman","Ironman","Blackwindow","Hulk","Neo"

$random = Get-Random $array
Write-Host "The random person selected for this task is: $($random.ToUpper()) !!" -ForegroundColor Green