The host does not have Netbackup Host-ID based security certificate installed

I recently upgraded my Netbackup 7.6.1 installation to 8.0, purely because the older version is end of life and not supported by Veritas. I absolutely love  the earlier 7.6.1 version, it was light and had a very good user interface. The newer 8.0 is a horrible java based bullshit what they have done in my opinion and ruined a simple application. Anyway its's enough of my rant about the 8.0 version as you guys are not reading this post for that!

So after performing an in-place upgrade from 7.6.1 to 8.0, when I tried to open up my console I was presented with the below error.

I clicked the HELP button as you see above and its talks about generating a new certificate and then installing it. My initial thought was, "Ok this looks simple enough". However it soon turned into a nightmare! I just couldn't get the first command to work to get a certificate and it would just hang on me and also give me crazy client/server handshake errors. One of the tech notes online mentioned to check if the Netbackup Web Management Console service is running and it was but no luck.

bin>nbcertcmd.exe -getCACertificate

After working with Veritas for a day and a half we figured out a solution. It does ease the pain as it bypasses the certificate authentication and lets you inside the console. So here is what you need to do which involves creating a string value in the server registry. If you think you are bold enough to venture into the registry follow the below steps!

  • Open Registry by typing Regedit
  • Navigate to HKLM\Software\Veritas\Netbackup\CurrentVersion\Config
  • Create a String value  under Config called BPJAVA_ALLOW_LEGACY_CERT_FALLBACK
  • Set the value to 1
  • Restart your Netbackup services

Hopefully after you restart and then try and open up the god-forsaken 8.0 admin console and enter in your credentials you should no longer get that certificate error and it should let you in the admin console.

PS: I hate Netbackup 8.0 and I hate JAVA!